LittleBlackBox is your new ecommerce payments optimisation manager.

Stop losing money to fees, fraud,
and terrible approval rates with

What is it?

A simple, light, fast, real-time decision making, data analysing, routing and online payments optimization guru plugin for WooCommerce.

Add it free and watch it save you money.

Little Black Box plugs and plays nicely with your existing payment providers’ database through WooCommerce and gets to work by sifting through your database to look for better routing opportunities, optimizes your current payment funnels and i`n turn providing a whole new growth channel for your online store.

Make better decisions
with the right KPIs

We know what KPIs matter to your bottom line. Get the right information and insights in front of you.

Make better business decisions using up to date KPIs and BI collected straight from your existing data. Know what matters, when it matters and let the LittleBlackBox take care of the optimisation.

Coming soon - Smart payment routing

Working with one PSP? Not sure what this even means?

eCommerce is one of the fastest and largest industries in the world. So many business owners big and small arent aware of payment service provider optimisation and are loosing money with every trransactions.

Coming soon - Run payments
like a boss!

Lower risk, increase your Unique Approval rates, increase revenue and lower your transaction fees.

Easily set up proceedures and rules that verify and check transactions before they are sent to PSPs for processing. in turn lowering your fraud rates, increasing your Unique Approval rates whilst earning you more out of every dollar your customers spend.

Get yourself a slice

eCommerce shop owners

If you have a WooCommerce online shop, and don’t have our LittleBlackBox installed, you are probably not optimised, missing critical KPIs and losing money!

It’s entirely free, easy to install, and with one simple plugin you could optimise your payments by an average of 2.3% per month.


Are you a PSP? Not on our list of integrations? Let’s talk and get your name on the list.

Help eCommerce shop owners get a fair go by playing nicely with our LittleBlackBox.